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Discussion on the most inspiring or heartfelt/emotional moments in the world of anime. Mainly, our focus is on anime of the Slice of Life or Romance genre (past and current). Anyone is welcome.

We focus on select slice of life/romance/comedy anime of the current season and discuss them. Most of these titles have very little supernatural elements as we want content that is easy to relate to/draw upon our own experiences. This was the large motivating factor for me to start my own site and forum. I wanted to share these inspiring anime moments with others, so we could borrow from these experiences and lend this wisdom and knowledge toward our real lives.

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What are you reading? V.1

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What are you reading? V.1 - Page 2 Empty Re: What are you reading? V.1

Post by Seira on Fri May 24, 2013 11:10 am

Viserys wrote:Ability 31
Kimi no Iru Machi 228

~Interesting route this manga is taking. I enjoy Seo's work though so I will continue reading. The anime for Kimi No Iru Machi is scheduled for July, so I believe that is next anime season. Have not heard where it will start in the storyline, considering the OVA's releases but we will see. Half and Half is also very good, enjoying it more than KNIM, sadly it releases bi-monthly.
So that's where I heard of that before... Now I'm not hearing especially good things about it, when seeing some discussion on the anime happening, but it interests me myself, so I tend to assume it would be better to judge things for myself. I can probably only ever get to judging the anime though.

Recently, still Arata up to 179,
Some Yuru Yuri, I don't really care for figuring out this chapter nonsense and it's not all even there, since I've watched the anime,
And... pretty much. The last chapter I've read was A-Channel 39, a decent slice of life 4koma right there.

And, I can't forget to at least mention Hayate, so 406 as well.

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What are you reading? V.1 - Page 2 Empty Re: What are you reading? V.1

Post by Sugitani Chie on Wed Sep 25, 2013 2:35 am

I have recently got caught with The World God Only Knows (best manga I've read right there! =o). I want to read more of Magi, it's in my top 3 I've already started that I want to continue soon, the others being Omamori Himari (read 19 ch) and Fullmetal Alchemist (read (78 ch) but I don't know if that will in fact be soon because I've started reading another manga by the name of Nagasarete Airantou. And let me say, it's definitely one of those stupid funny manga. You know, where there are things that are stupid but you laugh at it anyway.
Sugitani Chie
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