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Discussion on the most inspiring or heartfelt/emotional moments in the world of anime. Mainly, our focus is on anime of the Slice of Life or Romance genre (past and current). Anyone is welcome.

We focus on select slice of life/romance/comedy anime of the current season and discuss them. Most of these titles have very little supernatural elements as we want content that is easy to relate to/draw upon our own experiences. This was the large motivating factor for me to start my own site and forum. I wanted to share these inspiring anime moments with others, so we could borrow from these experiences and lend this wisdom and knowledge toward our real lives.

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Post by Sugitani Chie on Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:59 pm

The rules for this game are pretty much to react to the above post however you want, then do as the title says.

*eats 3,600 yen worth of ice cream*

Oh, and just because ^^:
Throw Something at the Next User FqE1d

*crumples up the receipt and throws it at the next user*
Sugitani Chie
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